JP 6.8 SPC / .224 Valkyrie EnhancedBolt

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JP EnhancedBolt - 6.8 SPC II and .224 Valkyrie

First and Only from Bison Armory!

Bison Armory and JP Enterprises have teamed up to raise the bar in 6.8 SPC and .224 Valkyrie yet again with the introduction of the first 6.8 SPC II JP EnhancedBolt. This bolt is second to none in design and manufacture. Fully compatible with Mil-spec AR-15 subcomponents, these bolts feature:

 - Chromium Nitride finish

 - SAE 9310 material for superior resiliency and extended lifespan

 - Added material around the cam pin hole to eliminate an inherent weak point in standard bolt designs

 - Improved lug geometry for reduced wear and easier locking/unlocking

 - JP's Enhanced Ejector design to mitigate case head extrusions and reduce brass smear

 - JP's Enhanced Extractor to optimize extraction function and eliminate multiple common ejection failures

 - JP's Enhanced Gas Rings to reduce internal friction and wear on the bolt carrier and maintain gas seal longer

Follow this LINK to JP's website to learn more about their EnhancedBolts.

NOTE: All our 6.8 SPC Upper Assembies are now available with these bolts as an option - Click HERE to check 'em out!