Customer Parts Assembly



 What do I get for an extra $50?

We will tear down and rebuild your existing upper (or build up your collection of loose parts) around one of our new Bison Armory barrels. The $50 only pays for the build work and does NOT cover the cost of any new parts required to complete the assembly. Any new parts you order from us / additional required parts / shipping costs / etc. will be invoiced accordingly at the time of your barrel purchase or during assembly, in the event we encounter any compatibility / legal issues requiring different / additional parts (see next section).

How Does it Work?

Send us your existing upper assembly / parts - and we will rebuild / build your upper for you, using your existing parts and the new Bison Armory barrel and other parts you purchase from us.

We'll make sure all your existing parts are compatible with the new parts you purchase from us. If we have to add any missing parts to complete your assembly, or need to alter / swap out any incompatible parts, we will 100% get your approval before going forward with any changes to the planned assembly.

In every case, we reserve the right to refuse an assembly for any reason, but particularly in cases where we deem the proposed assembly to be unsafe or illegal. Before we make any judgement call on a refusal, we will contact you to discuss the matter to see if we can work it out. If we can't work it out, we will refund the assembly fee less $20 to cover shipping and handling costs to return your parts.

What do I do?

Securely pack and ship your upper / parts with a note containing your order number or (even better) a printout of your Bison Armory invoice to:

Bison Armory
3307 Evergreen Way
Suite #707-240
Washougal, WA 98671

 NOTICE: We are NOT responsible for anything you send us being damaged during shipment.

Please make sure to purchase insurance for your upper / parts before you send them to us!