224 Valkryie 80 Grain ELD Match - 200 Rounds

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New .224 Valkyrie 80 grain ELD Match ammo brought to you by Bison Armory.

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We've teamed up with the Washougal River Cartridge Company to produce match grade .224 Valkyrie ammunition specifically designed for 1:7 twist barrels and shoots great in 1:6.5 twist barrels too. Using Starline brass and pushing the 80 grain Hornady ELD bullet to 2790 fps from a 20" Bison Armory barrel, we're getting excellent accuracy and keeping the bullet supersonic past 1100 yards. 


Bullet: 80 grain Hornady ELD Match

Muzzle velocity: 2790 fps from 20" barrel

OAL: 2.280"

Manufactured by Washougal River Cartridge Company. Performance tested by Bison Armory.

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