6.8 mm BSP Bullets - 200 Grain

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6.8 SPC 200 Grain Bullets by Woodleigh Bullets

This is not loaded ammunition - these are reloading / handloading components

Box of 50 - $35  /  Box of 100 - $68  /  Box of 200 - $130

WARNING: These bullets will tumble and keyhole if used with barrels having twist rates slower than 1:7" (e.g. 1:10", 1:11" and 1:12" twists are all TOO SLOW)

WARNING: DO NOT use these bullets with a silencer if you use a barrel with twist rates slower than 1:7" as bullet instability may cause a baffle strike.

The recommended load when using these bullets is: 13.5 to 14.5 grains Hodgdon H4895. OAL 2.260 inches. Their muzzle velocity is 1050 fps, and they will cycle the action of a 16" 6.8mm SPC rifle with carbine gas without further modification or a silencer. These bullets perform optimally with our 6.8 BSP Barrels (available HERE) and Upper Assemblies (available HERE)

Click HERE to see additional information about the Bison Subsonic Platform on our "Product Information" page.