Bison Armory Case Volumizer

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It's finally here! The new Bison Armory Cartridge Case Volumizer!

$250 Introductory Price!

Quickly and easily measure the volume of rifle cartridge cases from .223 up to .300 RUM in seconds using only the air in the room. 

  • Custom software included with free updates for the life of the product
  • Requires a laptop, desktop, or tablet computer running Windows 10 
  • OR an Apple Mac computer running Parallels or similar VM (only tested with Parallels)
  • Shows results immediately on-screen and saves results to a simple text file
  • accurate to +/- 0.3% of full scale with proper calibration - approximately +/- 0.1 grains for a .223 case

These devices are in the Beta stage of development and the software is in the Beta stage.

They are intended for early adopters who are tech-savvy. 

These devices come with a lifetime warranty. There is a $50 restocking fee for any returns! Please do not order if you do not agree to this policy! 

COMPATIBLE PRESSES: Works with standard reloading presses like the RCBS Rock Chucker and turret presses like the Lyman Brass 8. Does not work with coax presses or the ZERO Press. 

FULL TECH SUPPORT provided by email. 

See the instruction videos on YouTube here:


Bison Case Volumizer Hardware Setup

Bison Case Volumizer Software Instructions


Download the software here:

Phidget Driver Software for Windows 64-bit

Bison Armory Case Volumizer App V1.0.4