Bison Armory Muzzle Bore Guide

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It's finally here! The new Bison Armory Muzzle Bore Guide!

  • Bore guide protects the muzzle like no other when cleaning or using a bore scope
  • Ensure perfect cleaning at the muzzle where it matters most

$75 Introductory Price!

Includes one .223 caliber OR .308 caliber insert. 

Other calibers coming soon, including .243/6mm, .264/6.5mm, .277/6.8mm, and .284/7mm. 

Fits 1/2-28 AND 5/8-24 muzzle threads!

Extends the bore to protect it where it matters most at the muzzle.

Allows complete strokes past the muzzle with bore brushes and patches so that the bore is cleaned the same at the muzzle as it is the throughout the rest of the bore.

Allows you to pull the bore brush or patch back through the muzzle for multiple complete passes. 

Works great to condition the bore with J-B, Iosso, and other abrasive bore cleaners. 

Protects the bore at the muzzle when using a bore scope.