Bolts, Carriers, and BCG's

Bolts and Carriers

At Bison Armory we use bolts by Stag/CMT, JP Enterprises and and LWRC for 6.8 SPC applications, DPMS and JP Enhanced bolts for 7.62 NATO. For 223 and 300 Blackout builds we use Stag and JP EnhancedBolts. Our bolt carriers are made by Young Manufacturing and JP Enterprises.



Our standard bolt is made by Stag / CMT. Most of our customers use this bolt and we've never had one come back because of a failure in the bolt body. Stag bolts are cost effective and will run reliably in your rifle.




Stag Bolt


 The JP Enterprises EnhancedBolt is reinforced around the cam pin and features improved lug geometry and JP's enhanced extractor, ejector and gas rings with a chromium nitride finish


JP Enterprises 6.8 SPC EnhancedBolt




The LWRC Advanced Combat Bolt features a nickel finish for reduced wear, a fully supported bolt face, and a dual extractor spring design.


LWRC Advanced Combat Bolt


Bison Armory uses JP Enhanced bolts for our BR-X line of 7.62 NATO rifles.


JP Enhanced .308 Bolt

Bolt Carriers

Bison Armory offers bolt carriers from Young Manufacturing and JP Enterprises.

We only carry YM AR-15 bolt carriers as the difference between YM AR-15 carrier and an M16 carrier is extremely minimal (weight difference is 0.2 ounces). There is no reason to use an M16 carrier in place of a YM AR-15 carrier if you do not have a select fire weapon. We are happy to special order YM M16 carriers for our customers if requested.

Our standard carrier is the Young Manufacturing AR-15 phosphate finished carrier. It is made to the same standards as the other carriers made by YM but comes with the standard black phosphate coating.



Young Manufacturing black phosphate AR15 bolt carrier


Young Manufacturing chrome AR15 bolt carrier


The Young Manufacturing chrome National Match AR-15 bolt carrier is 1/2 oz heavier and has more surface area at the carrier front. According to YM, these additions provide improved alignment of the bolt carrier as it moves in the receiver, tighter tolerances, more consistent bolt-lockup, and generally much smoother operation. This bolt carrier causes less wear, improved accuracy, and overall better function.


Young Manufacturing chrome National Match AR!5 bolt carrier

The YM chrome NM carrier with side charging handle is identical to their regular NM carrier except for the addition of the side charging handle. This carrier is intended only for use in upper receivers that have a side charging handle slot, such as the Mega SBU side charge upper receiver.


Young Manufacturing chrome National Match AR15 bolt carrier with side charging handle


As a top line upgrade we also offer the stainless steel JP Enterprises FMOS (Full Mass Operation System) bolt carrier in QPQ black finish. Designed with extended forward assist serrations and a dust cover notch, FMOS carriers also feature a 100% increase in bearing surface for smoother operation, improved alignment and lower wear in the upper receiver as well as a longer Mil-spec cocking pad for optimal reliability.





Bolt Carrier Groups

Whenever you purchase a bolt and carrier together from us we will ship them as an assembled bolt carrier group, complete and ready to shoot.

Bolt Carrier Gas Key Staking

Young Manufacturing does not stake their bolt carrier gas keys, and they do not recommend staking. We have found through testing that staking with a MOACKS tool absolutely increases the security of the carrier key screws. You can run the carrier either way.