AR-15 Barrel Nut Shim Set

0.10 LBS
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UPDATE: Set now includes 4 shims: 2 thin and 2 thick shims!

Bison Armory AR-15 Barrel Nut Shim Set

4 Pack of 2x 0.001" thick shims and 2x 0.002" thick shims. That's enough to complete at least 2 upper assemblies with standard barrel nuts (Aero take more). These shims are for use in the installation of ALL AR-15 rifle barrels, including 223, 5.56, 6.8 and 300 BLK.

Achieve perfect barrel nut / gas tube allignment within the correct barrel nut torque specifications every time, guaranteed!

NOTE: Use of these shims will NOT affect bolt / barrel headspace.

Instructions are included with your order, and please watch our instructional video on You Tube below: