Product Info

Product Info



Bison Armory barrels are made from 416 stainless steel. We also stock Shilen match grade barrels by White Oak.

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6.8 BSP Subsonic

The 6.8 BSP is the ultimate dual subsonic / full-power platform for hog hunting or tactical applications.

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Upper Receivers

The forged or billet backbone of the BR-15 platform rifle around which everything else is built.

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Handguards and Forearms

Bison Armory uses handguards and forearms from the best in the industry, to suit every taste and purpose.

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Muzzle Devices

Check out the versatile range of flash hiders, compensators and muzzle brakes Bison Armory stocks.

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Bolts & Carriers

Field proven bolts and carriers you can trust in critical situations from Stag, LWRC, Spike's, LMT and Young.

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Gas Blocks

Low profile, single rail, and flip front sight bases direct the gas from the firing of a cartridge to cycle the action.

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Lower Receivers

All our lower receivers are proper mil-spec and we finish them with lower parts kits, triggers, and furniture from the best.

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Other Accessories

We sell many accessories to complete your Bison Armory products such as magazines, sights, foregrips, and more.

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Caliber Information

Information about caliber specifications and differences between similar calibers such as 7.62 NATO and .308 Win.

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